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3rd Seminar: '60 minutes with a Manager!'


3rd IHU Business Seminar: ’60 minutes with a Manager!’

The Seminars ’60 minutes with a Manager’ include five (5) hourly business talks by Managers from well-known companies from North Greece, related to management issues. The purpose of the Business Seminars is to act as a link between the academic community and businesses by introducing you to the real world of business and showing you how the notions and techniques learnt in the classroom apply and materialize in the Greek business context. After all, you will get a better taste of the management world.

The Seminars are offered primarily for the ‘MSc in Management’ students, but are open also to all ‘IHU School of Economics, Business Administration & Legal Studies’ students.

60 Minutes with a Manager

During the 3rd Business Seminar, Mr. Iliopoulos, Co-founder and Managing Director of ‘Intelligent Life’, will speak about ‘Setting up your own business’. The 3rd Seminar will take place on Thursday, April 30, 2015, at 16:30, Room A4.

Mr Iliopoulos CV.

Please register here. In the registration form you can ask a pre-seminar question to be discussed during the Seminar by the Speaker in an attempt to make the Seminar more interactive.


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