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Field Trip 2012

Field Trip - Executive MBA Class of 2012

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This year’s EMBA field trip cooperates with not-for-profit organizations (NGOs) from Greece, Bulgaria and Albania, with the objective of assisting them in their work and so enhancing their social contribution. The students thus have the opportunity to explore at first hand management practices in different Southeast European countries, while making a direct contribution to society.

The aim of the Field Trip is to integrate theory with practical application within diverse political, cultural, economic and business environments. This past year, the following NGOs were assisted by the Executive MBA 2012 students:

Aliat, Bucharest (Romania)
ALIAT is a not-for-profit association set up in 1993 by mental health professionals active in the field of alcohol and drug addiction treatment. ALIAT aims to develop medical, psycho-social and prevention programs, to improve the health of people suffering from addiction, to train health professionals in the latest evidence-based interventions in this field and lobby for better quality of life and the human rights of drug users in Romania. ALIAT has so far been in professional contact with over 15.000 drug and alcohol users in programs that represented, each, a pioneering intervention in the field of addiction in Romania. Over 600 health professionals participated in various training sessions and ALIAT is regularly consulted by governmental institutions on legal aspects related to drugs and alcohol. ALIAT is, currently, the single most important NGO in the field of alcohol addiction treatment and prevention in Romania.

IPADM, Kozani (Greece)
The Regional Development Institute of Western Macedonia (I.P.A.D.M.) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) (Registration No. 485 MFA. / Y.D. DP). Pillars of activity of the Institute are Development, Culture and Environment. Its personnel have the necessary expertise and experience to support and implement similar programs. Using methodical proper planning and scientific documentation, the Institute offers the necessary support in every direction, contributing to the diverse emergence of Western Macedonia. It draws, daily, expertise and experience, which transfers to stakeholders by providing them with support in their work. It is open to all who endorse its purpose and share its vision.

Hope, Sofia (Bulgaria)
The “Hope for the Little Ones” Foundation is a legal entity registered in 1997 and operating under the Law for legal non-profit organizations. The Foundation is an independent, non-religious, self-governing organization and operates in the public interest. The Foundation implements activities primarily supporting the social integration of children being raised in social institutions and deprived of parental care. The main activities of the foundation are focused on raising funds and implementing projects to support small homes in isolated settlements. Substantial support in the realization of projects and programs come from volunteers, made up mostly of students and young families.

Hellenic Rescue Team, Thessaloniki (Greece)
Hellenic Rescue Team is a non-governmental organization of Search and Rescue whose members participate voluntarily in operations since 1978. HRT fundamental objectives are the search and rescue of people in need as well as to provide humanitarian aid inside and outside the country.

Deypsy, Thessaloniki (Greece)
The International Society for Mental Health Services (ISMH), a legal entity of private law, is a non-profit making organization which was founded in 2001 and undertakes to fulfill the task of establishing and running programs aimed at the deinstitutionalization and social rehabilitation of people with psychiatric disorders and severe psychosocial problems.

At the presentation of the students’ Field Trip projects, the NGO representatives expressed their satisfaction with the cooperation and wished to have more opportunities in the future to cooperate with the IHU.

The presentation took place at the IHU on 13 September 2013

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Not-for-profit organisations interested in taking part in next year's EMBA field trip are welcome to participate and are invited to send their contact details to our email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or alternatively call us on +30 2310 807540.

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