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Tarantilis, Christos

Dr. Christos D. Tarantilis is a Full-Professor of Management Science and Decision Making at the Department of Management Science & Technology of Athens University of Economics and Business. He has served as the Head of the Department of Management Science and Technology, leading the Department to an excellent evaluation by an external committee of distinguished professors in highly recognized Universities of Great Britain and the USA. He is the Director of the “Operations Research and Decision Systems (ORDeS)” group of AUEB (2009-today) and member of the steering committee for four postgraduate programs at AUEB. He is also member of the editorial board (e.g. the “Networks” journal-Wiley) and guest editor (e.g. the “Computers and Operations Research” journal-Elsevier) in well-known academic journals, chairman and member of the scientific committee of international scientific conferences.

His research interests lie in the area of management science, computational decision making and applications in production and service management, transportation and logistics, supply chain management. Prof. Tarantilis has more than 130 scientific papers in international academic journals, books and conferences, including:

  • 60 Papers in Web of Science Indexed Journals (i.e. Impact Factor)
  • 15 papers in ABS category 4 (i.e. “journals publish the most original and best-executed research”) and 24 papers in ABS category 3, (“journals publish original and well-executed research papers and are highly regarded”), according to the Association of Business Schools’ (ABS) Academic Journal Guide 2015 (
Some of his work is used as instruction material in academic programs of N. America and Europe, while his computational methods for the solution of large-scale combinatorial optimization problems have been internationally acclaimed. Additional research activities include collaboration in joint research work with members of universities in North America and UK such as Princeton University, Carnegie Mellon University, École Polytechnique de Montréal, HEC Montréal, Imperial College, University of Bath.

He has been also acting as member of the Board of Directors in Greek companies and organizations, and leader in a number of national and EU projects.

Prof. Tarantilis has received, more than twenty five (25) times, the highest teaching evaluation score from his undergraduate and postgraduate/MBA students (academic programs in both English and Greek). He has also taught a number of executive training courses on managerial decision making in Greek and multinational companies.


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