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Dr. Dimitrios Tsivrikos


Dr Dimitrios Tsivrikos is an established academic and practitioner in business and consumer psychology at the University College London (UCL). Dimitrios’ research, teaching and consultancy work focuses in retail marketing, brand communications and behavioural change. As a chartered psychologist he has designed and directed numerous innovative research projects to unveil consumers’ behavioural patterns and uncover customer retail experiences related to advertising, on-line & in-store promotions and packaging preferences. In his capacity as a behavioural scientist Dimitrios was commissioned by various corporations, such as Barclay’s, Commercial Bank of Qatar, Deutsche Bank, and Unilever; and offered business solutions that revolutionised customer relations, retail marketing, branding strategies, and in store atmospherics effectiveness.

Throughout his academic career he has held a number of international research fellowships, and has published widely on psychology and business oriented subjects, with articles appearing in various academic periodicals and in a number of FMCG, fashion, and marketing industry reports. Finally, Dimitrios is a leading broadcaster on consumer behaviour/psychology and a frequent guest on the BBC, SKY NEWS, Channel 4 as well as acting as a scientific consultant in various periodicals such as Property Week, Esquire, The Guardian and The Sunday Times.

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