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International Hellenic University Executive MBA Programme

IHU-Emba Field Trip Project

The IHU Executive MBA Field Trip project


Course Outline

The field trip project is an integral part of the Executive MBA programme. During the second year of their studies Executive-MBA students at International Hellenic University are required to complete the Field Trip Project.

The field trip not only helps to integrate the theory with a practical application, but also places important emphasis on the aspects of social contribution. It provides students with the opportunity to explore and understand first-hand the practices and needs of the not-for-profit organisations in the SEE countries.

Groups of four students or so visit a not-for-profit organisation in Greece and/or the region and have to manage and shape consulting assignments which focus on different business development issues such as marketing strategies, business plans, financial, accounting, and general operational and managerial functions of the not-for-profit organisations. Students are advised to get their roles within their group in a way that best meets their own-needs, interests and expertise.

Representative and indicative examples of potential subject areas for field trip projects are presented as follows:

  • Improving organisational and management effectiveness
  • Marketing communication (e.g., fund raising policies-raising awareness and recognition)
  • Designing and implementing policies and practices for human resource development
  • Developing performance management systems
  • Conducting competition analysis and assisting the organisation in developing a marketing strategy
  • Conducting business plans for new product/service development
  • Electronic business: e-marketing, e-operations, e-procurement
  • Conducting market research studies
  • Possibility of cross collaboration among various not-for-profit organisations in local and SEE basis


Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to manage and shape consulting assignment, from initial contacting about focus and scope through the delivery of an agreed upon output
  • Experience the community-involved way of doing business
  • Understand and appreciate the importance of social responsibility
  • Deal with various aspects of business growth and development
  • Combine prior work experience and expertise with recently gained knowledge



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