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Fotis N. Filippopoulos, Ph.D


Fotis Filippopoulos, is a strategic innovation researcher, helping business leaders and teams around the world, identify high-leverage projects, match products to market dynamics and develop strategies to capture novel market value. After spending more than a decade working in strategic innovation and consumer behaviour research for large and small organisations, Fotis knows what truly drives user behaviour, how innovation-driven enterprises grow and the ways to take an innovation product to market.

As an independent expert on innovation at the European Commission, he assists with assignments aiming to address the challenges European businesses are facing in their innovation efforts. In addition, Fotis is an MIT-trained and certified business coach and a visiting professor at the International Hellenic University.

Fotis loves sharing insights through dynamic presentations and talks. His most recent speaking engagement includes the 2016 International Summit of Cooperatives, in Quebec City, the world's leading event for business development in the cooperative and mutual community. Upcoming talks include the Vienna 2017 World Credit Union Conference, the premier global event for the credit union industry.

He is an alumnus of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) the European Commission's science and knowledge service and of the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Teachers’ Bootcamp, a highly selective leadership program for educators on Innovation-Driven Enterprise Venture Engineering and a nexus connecting entrepreneurs and startup teams from around the world to the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem surrounding the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Fotis holds a PhD in Consumer Behaviour from the University of Greenwich. In his 5-year long PhD research, he applied Personal Construct Psychology to invent a model that establishes a link between Emotion and Perception of Value, by exploring their dynamics within users’ personal and collective construct systems.


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