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Student Testimonials


Christos Pantazis icon-text-blockquote The EMBA course at IHU was an amazing learning experience.

The excellent academic staff, the well-designed syllabus and the diversity (cultural and business) of the fellow students increased my ability, as an executive, in understanding matters and in making educated decisions – having a clearer view of the underlying factors affecting today’s complex business environment.

I recommend the course not only to executives but also to ambitious middle-level managers of today’s corporations that are hoping to excel. blockquote_right

Christos Pantazis, Executive MBA
COO, Credit Agricole Bulgaria


Dritan Mustafai What are your comments regarding how the Executive MBA programme helped you?
I strongly believe that the Executive MBA programme represents an excellent opportunity given to the participants to develop critical thinking and communication skills, while getting acquainted with the best academic papers and business practices. All these represent fundamental assets towards career development.

Do you have any advice for new graduates?
Give a better chance to the future professional ambitions, by going through learning and exploiting new ways of thinking. The IHU remains an academic institution of excellence and I am proud to have attended my executive MBA programme there.

Dritan Mustafai, Executive MBA, Tirana, Albania,
Deputy General Manager, Credit Agricole Albania


GarakisWhat have been the features that you enjoy the most during the programme?
The high level of the professors, the professionalism of the administrative team and the spirit among the students

How can the IHU Executive MBA help a high level executive?
The knowledge acquired during sessions, combined with the professional skills development, comprises a great tool to support executives in business situations. In addition, open-minded discussions in class extend one’s viewpoint by showing alternative options of other organizations and cultures.

What is your advice to the prospective MBA students?
The knowledge and tools as they are taught during the IHU EMBA ensure that graduates will be equipped with all necessary and up to date information of the current business environment.

Nikos Garakis, Executive MBA,
Mondi Thessaloniki, Managing director


Elisavet D Bompoli

icon-text-blockquoteThe IHU Executive MBA offered me the opportunity to develop my leadership and general management skills through an exceptionally interactive and team-based approach to learning.

Having a more technical background, I chose this MBA because it helped me move into management and think holistically when solving problems in an everyday business environment. The programme has a strong international focus which makes it really exciting and challenging, at the same time. Studying at IHU gave me the opportunity to work with some of the most remarkably dynamic academics and professionals whose experience was really inspiring. The IHU Executive MBA experience has definitely exceeded my expectations and in my opinion it has been a positive leap towards my professional goals.blockquote_right

Elisavet D Bompoli, Executive MBA 2014
IT Manager, Makios Logistics


Alexandra Maria Varka

icon-text-blockquoteStudying on IHU Executive MBA has been a very challenging experience, as it gave me a broad perspective of the business world.

Through this program, I managed to enhance my analytical thinking by seeking multiple perspectives and identifying key issues that need to be addressed in complex work processes. The appreciation for other points of view and the big picture perspective that I obtained during my eMBA journey, led me to become a better team player and improved my interpersonal abilities.
Without any doubt, IHU eMBA, was a valuable asset on my CV and provided me the necessary skillset to excel in my working environment and recently to succeed in my company’s internal talent management program.

Alexandra – Maria Varka, Executive MBA 2012
Cloud & M2M Sales Expert, OTE Group of Companies


Kostas Nikou

icon-text-blockquoteIt ‘s that time in your life and your career that you feel the need to move on, to evolve.

You feel the need to see things … “the other way around”.

You owe it to yourself!

But you admit your lack of the proper “words”, “ideas”, guidelines, the pieces to fill in your jigsaw puzzle.

But you want to make the most out of your - limited - time available!

..and then you choose the IHU Executive MBA!

..and after almost 2 rejuvenating years, you are 100% sure you’ve made the best choice!

After all... “the only true luxury in your life is time”! blockquote_right

Kostas Nikou, Executive MBA
Owner of LetsDoBusiness Greece Consulting Firm
Managing Director of “Amyndeon Oenos” Wine Cluster


Diana Popescu

icon-text-blockquoteWhen the opportunity arose to join the Executive MBA program at International Hellenic University I seized upon it as a great way to further my education, an opportunity that would not only provide me with the qualifications but also with the knowledge to excel professionally and personally in any demanding position.

To date, the program has been intense and demanding, yet rewarding. Even though the program is challenging it is also flexible; the modular structure enables me to apply what I learnt immediately.

The professors I met in the EMBA program so far were exceptional, able to push me and my classmates beyond the boundaries of our traditional thought process and guide us through a wide variety of challenging and exciting business topics, appropriate to be applied in my career.

The members of my class come from a wide range of countries and backgrounds; this makes for interesting discussions and lively debates and teaches you that there is always more than one side to an issue. Without a doubt, the EMBA program at IHU is a top quality experience in every aspect.blockquote_right

Diana Popescu, Executive MBA, Bucharest, Romania
CEO at Epoque Hotel, Bucharest - Romania


Vasil Shpata

What have been the features that you have enjoyed the most during the programme?

I started this program with quite high expectations and I can sincerely say they were fulfilled. Being a member of this IHU program surely increases my creativity level.

How can the IHU Executive MBA help a high level executive in the banking sector?

The main point here seems to be the ability to practice the knowledge gained in our theoretical sessions during students’ discussions afterwards. The fact that some of my colleagues have no connection with the banking sector allows me to take an outsider’s look into the matter and refreshes my attitude to some tasks.

What is your advice to the prospective MBA students?

Do not be afraid of taking the risk! Sometimes it may seem infeasible to combine your work and studies of this kind, but it’s really worth it. The knowledge is broad and your sacrifice should pay off soon. Another profit is getting to know people of various countries, professions and cultures – it surely brings in a lot of bright, new ideas and creative thinking, as well as contacts which can be essential for our future development!

Vasil Shpata, Executive MBA
Deputy Network Manager, Alpha Bank, Albania


Panos Polychroniadis icon-text-blockquote The IHU Executive MBA has been an experience worth remembering. I consider this experience an on-going one and not so much a historical event, because the knowledge and conceptualizations that all students had the opportunity to acquire, during the two years of the Programme, are always both in use and of great value in everyday business reality.

The IHU Executive MBA brings authentic inspiration to its students as it is a University that stands for important values with respect to its approach to teaching, administration and community events. Despite the fact that I joined the program at the age of 36 with a long standing experience in private Education, I honestly found the whole program a truly useful credential for any professional to seek, because the whole program functioned as a valid audit of know-how and managerial skills, even after years of experience.

My advice to prospective students is to follow this path, to experience the tough days of hard studying, together with the satisfaction of accomplishment that an MBA can convey to its graduates.

All in all it is worth travelling this road !! blockquote_right

Panos Polychroniadis, Executive MBA
Network Educational Group, Director, Junior Partner


Dimitris Touliopoulosicon-text-blockquoteThe IHU Executive MBA has been a very challenging and entertaining experience. The program has changed my way of thinking and making business decisions in the complex business environment of today. The carefully-designed courses along with the guidance from great professors have contributed to understanding better the underlying factors behind any decision made in everyday business, making thus the program valuable to any kind of entrepreneur.

Especially for a freelance engineer such as myself, the IHU EMBA offered knowledge in areas such as finance or marketing that were applicable right away in my everyday practice.

What is more, the environment of creativity and cooperation that was built between my fellow students led to new business ideas and ventures, which we are currently working on.

I would advise anyone thinking about an MBA to choose the IHU, as it combines focus on excellence, great diversity of participants and great resources. blockquote_right

Dimitris Touliopoulos, Executive MBA
Telecoms Engineer, OTE Group of Companies


Efstathios Chatzidimitriouicon-text-blockquoteThe journey through the IHU Executive MBA Program was undoubtedly an enriching and rewarding experience.

Τhe IHU MBA allows for the keen students to attain a global perspective of the business world and enrich their experience by interacting with staff and fellow students of distinct, multifarious personalities.

Its approach to general management education achieves a holistic type of learning, equipping the students with the tools and capability to become better decision-makers.

I would definitely recommend the IHU Executive MBA program to those who seek a well-rounded education, as it is enhanced with the necessary coursework and networking options to create the proper foundation for the achievement of their professional ambitions. It is an investment that pays major professional dividends.blockquote_right

Efstathios Chatzidimitriou, Executive MBA
Internal Auditor, Steelmet SA - Viohalco Group


Ioanna Barbi

icon-text-blockquoteThey say an MBA is the ultimate tool for advancing one’s career, develop business expertise and acquire all sorts of new skills. And they are right! All of the above is true! Through this program I acquired knowledge in fields that were completely unknown to me up to that point, I developed new competencies and enhanced old ones.

The new-found skills and expertise give me a strong competitive advantage in my line of work as a lawyer, since I am now better equipped to function effectively in the business world and at the same time I feel I have the qualifications to explore new paths in my professional life and maybe even attempt a career change.

And while these are the obvious benefits, the more I reflect on this two-year journey, the more I realize that the most valuable of all benefits was the insight I gained on myself. The IHU Executive MBA helped me to evolve as a person by enabling me to discover new potential in myself and at the same time it provided me with a lens through which, now, I approach both my personal and my professional life, a lens of possibilities. blockquote_right

Ioanna Barbi, Executive MBA



Alexandros-BaliktsisWhat have been the features that you enjoyed the most during the programme?
The most valuable feature of the program was the chance to be taught by internationally recognized professors upon finance, accounting, marketing, human resources and many other important fields of business administration. What is more, the interaction with the high-level fellow students was very helpful in terms of widening my perspective and further expanding my business insight and knowledge.

How can the IHU Executive MBA help an engineer?
Besides the background from the Technical University, the IHU Executive MBA enhances the way of thinking and solving business problems, as well as managing difficult and complex situations, while it strengthens the engineer towards the constantly increasing challenges of the current business environment.

What is your advice for new graduates?
Given that even high-experienced managers and executives have gained a lot from this program, it goes without question that by the completion of the program the new graduate will be a whole different person in terms of analyzing and problem-solving skills, confidence, thought process, approach to challenging situations, not to mention the theoretical background upon a wide variety of business topics.

Alexander Baliktsis, Executive MBA,
EXORIXI SA, Manager and member of the board of directors


pajajicon-text-blockquoteDeciding about a master’s program in just two weeks would seem like a rushed decision to everyone. However, now, one year into the program, I can firmly state that it was one of the most worthy decisions I could make about my post-graduate education. The rigor and diversity of the subjects I have learned so far, coupled with the passion for academic excellence of world-renowned lecturers have helped me through personal paradigm shifts, which have changed my vision about my role not only in the organization I work for, but also in society as a whole.

As a banking lawyer by profession, thanks to finance and economics classes, I have gained skills and abilities that have enhanced my understanding of complex inter-disciplinary issues in my job, such as finding solutions to mitigate legal and financial risks at the same time.blockquote_right

Roden Pajaj Executive MBA, Tirana, Albania
HR Senior Manager, Deloitte Albania and Kosova


elton-gjikaWhat have been the features that you enjoyed the most during the programme?
I enjoyed the lectures very much. We have had some great professors at IHU. Being part of the audience during the lectures of such accomplished professors and participating in discussions about currently developing events worldwide on particular subjects was an excellent experience.

How can the IHU Executive MBA help an engineer?
Engineers are involved in many different projects and they have to be aware of the markets, required services and to have adequate knowledge in order to be competitive. At IHU, the Executive MBA enlarges the qualifications of an engineer in different areas beyond just the design of the project, like budgeting the project, funding it either from a bank or different agencies, relationships among contractors, etc. This EMBA can make an engineer more valuable and more marketable.

What was the best careers advice you have ever been given?
Undertaking my Executive MBA at IHU gave me the essential tools I needed for advancing my career. I experienced an “Immediate Impact” – the program format enabled me to improve my performance immediately, as I start applying each new skill or piece of knowledge to my everyday work. I consider this time as the best career advice for me because it increased my level of responsibility and seniority within my organization while still studying.

Elton Gjika, Executive MBA,
Architect, Project Manager, Green Coast Resort, Balfin Group - Albania


icon-text-blockquotegiakoumisHow can you combine an already developing career with postgraduate studies of high level when you are living in Southeastern Europe? While all top business schools were being located in the west, IHU came to give us a solution with its EMBA program.

An organized institute, providing high level of education and having nothing to be jealous of, from the western business schools, IHU gives you the impression that a great team of professors and administrative staff joined forces with the magic of Thessaloniki in order to seduce students.

Every course is a unique experience and the environment is such that you are feeling a student only when you have to take an exam or complete an assignment. I am one of those who investigated much prior to applying to IHU and what I can sincerely say after having completed almost one fourth of the courses is that the choice was wise: "International Hellenic University - a missing piece in the educational puzzle of Southeastern Europe"blockquote_right

Sotiris Giakoumis, Executive MBA, Sofia, Bulgaria
Sales Director, Alpha Grissin Infotech, Sofia, Bulgaria


todorovicon-text-blockquoteBeing an EMBA student at IHU gave me time and opportunity to reflect on my current professional experience and analyze my relations with colleagues and management. Bringing theory and practice together helped me to master my efficiency and performance by applying more functional approach at my work. Moreover, the acquisition of critical analytical and interpersonal skills enhanced my confidence when dealing with managerial matters.

Apart from studying and networking with the other students, I was also able to enjoy the atmosphere of an ancient city with plenty of landmarks, museums and architectural sites. I would hearty recommend taking a walk on the seafront with the White Tower, for instance.

In my opinion, it is worth taking a breath of the Thessaloniki air as well as studying the EMBA at IHU.blockquote_right

Aleksandar Todorov, Executive MBA, Bulgaria
Head of Internal Audit Credit Agricole Bulgaria


tziritiicon-text-blockquote H aving had in the past the opportunity to experience studies both in a public Greek University and a UK Business School, I would proudly recommend IHU to anyone, as a Greek University organized according to European Standards with committed personnel, excellent technical infrastructure and visiting teachers, who are indeed experts in their field of knowledge.

The executive MBA is a really demanding program that requires a lot of devoted time from the student's side, though not only for theoretical knowledge but mostly for practical exercises. This makes it even more challenging and it pays you quickly off, as you can shortly catch yourself in your work practicing what you have learned.

The whole student experience in IHU becomes even more pleasant due to the sense of community that is being built among co-students and the University's personnel as well. My co-students are all young people with high educational and professional backgrounds and I enjoy hanging out with them. The University's personnel are also very kind and professional and are really dedicated in making our busy student life as easier as possible.blockquote_right

Tziriti Ioanna, Executive MBA, Greece
Product Manager ISOMAT S.A. Thessaloniki


andreouicon-text-blockquoteLong before I made the decision to start the IHU Executive MBA programme, I made contacts with representatives of many MBA programmes and I settled on the IHU for three main reasons:

  1. Thessaloniki area vicinity
  2. Well-structured programme (timetable – modules)
  3. Well respected professors

In the process I discovered a lot more, such as the diversity of the backgrounds of my classmates, their difference of origin, the assignment design and many other elements, that made understand that I had made the right choice.


All these combined to give a complete learning experience, providing methods to create new skills and enhance others, providing all the necessary tools and knowledge to a freelance engineer to develop his business. Moreover, all the new acquaintances create a very promising environment for new collaborations, new business and job opportunities.blockquote_right

Andreou Konstantinos-Leontios, Executive MBA
Operations Manager, Interbeton – TITAN Group



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