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Executive MBA


The programme has been devel­oped by academics and practition­ers with many years of business education experience and in close consultation with leading organisa­tions in the region.


The EMBA consists of six integrated parts and is designed to meet the busy schedule of executives across Europe, with a particular focus on South East Europe. It begins with core subjects, followed by electives in specialist areas of interest.

The core courses help participants to develop a thorough understand­ing of the key functional areas within a company and an apprecia­tion of their interaction and impact on the organization as a whole.

The elective courses allow participants to acquire in depth knowledge rel­evant to their current and future career orientation. Participants also benefit from the Integrating Semi­nars, the Field Trip, the Professional Development programme and the Business Consultancy Project.


Upon completion EMBA graduates will have:

  • A thorough grasp of the princi­ples and applications of key man­agement functions, together with technical and conceptual skills
  • A focus on, and appreciation of, strategic issues in many industry sectors
  • A genuinely international, mul­ticultural perspective and under­standing of the challenges of global business
  • A highly flexible qualification suit­able for a wide range of career op­portunities




Both Masters programmes cater to the needs of recent graduates looking for a thorough understanding of theory and practice in Management and Banking & Finance. The programmes are designed to meet international standards but also address the specific issues of the SE european region.

These programmes are taught over a 12-month period by distinguished academic staff. They are designed to facilitate learning through a variety of teaching methods, technologies and environents.

From the moment you embark on your Masters programme, you will acquire a key set of skills and the real-world knowledge crucial to achieving success in your chosen career.


MSc in Management

The MSc in Management is a highly flexible qualification offering access to a wide range of careers in general management, marketing, operation and technology, and consultancy services.

It can also help those wishing to start up or join their family business.


MSc in Banking & Finance

The MSc in Banking & Finance is designed to equip students for careers in a broad spectrum of financial institutions and industry.The programme addresses issues relating to commercial and investment banking, fund management and corporate finance, international finance and risk management.

On completing the course you can pursue careers as analysts, traders, portfolio managers, risk managers, financial consultants or in treasury departments of industrial and service organisations.



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