Climate Change Adaptation of the Tourism Industry Print

The effects of climate change have extensively been analysed within many contexts. One of these contexts is that of tourism. Taking into account how crucial the tourist sector can be for certain economies, it is highly important to identify what the effects of climate change are for the tourism industry and identify adaptation strategies. There is evidence that adaptation in the tourism sector is already taking place: tourists are aware of climate change; insurance companies consider climate change risks in the calculation of their primes; national tourism authorities incorporate climate change issues in their national tourism strategies; and finally international organizations (like WTO) acknowledge the need of the tourism sector to adapt to climate change. The aim of the course is to provide students with a deep understanding of the concept of climate change in order to give them the ability to identify the problems associated with it in the tourism industry. Modification and adaptation strategies and policies pursued to confront these problems will be the focus of the course, taking into accounts the special geographic conditions and economic characteristics of each destination.