Accounting for Managers


Teaching Hours and Credit Allocation: 30 Hours, 6 Credits
Course Assessment: Coursework & Exam



This course aims to provide a broad understanding of the theory and practice of financial and management accounting, both for non-specialist students and as a foundation for further study in this area. The aims of the course are to introduce you to the principles underlying financial and management accounting and to enable you to apply and explain key accounting techniques.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the principles and techniques of accounting
  • Apply their knowledge of financial accounting to make effective interpretations of financial accounting data
  • Apply their knowledge of management accounting to make effective interpretations of management accounting data
  • Understand certain "key" areas of corporate finance such as time value of money, stock valuation, capital budgeting and the relationship between risk and return
  • Apply their knowledge of financial economics to sound and rational capital budgeting and investment decisions
  • Be confident in their ability to analyse and present accounting information
  • Be aware of the importance of correct interpretation of financial data
  • Be confident in performing and evaluating financial calculations
  • Be confident in analysing and evaluating investment proposals using a variety of investment evaluation techniques.



  • The key principles of financial and management accounting
  • Measuring and reporting financial performance
  • Accounting for limited companies
  • Measuring and reporting cash flows
  • Analysis and interpretation of financial statements
  • Cost-volume-profit analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Managing working capital