Technology and Operations Management


Teaching Hours and Credit Allocation: 16 hours, 4 credits
Course Assessment: Coursework



The aim of this course is to broaden and expand knowledge of the concepts and techniques required for the design, operation and control of business processes and the improvement of the organisation's effectiveness. The focus will thus be on 'how to' skills and applications. The value of an interdisciplinary approach to improving operational effectiveness will be highlighted.


Learning Outcomes

On completing the course students will:

  • Develop knowledge of the issues related to designing and managing operations and the techniques to do so
  • Develop an understanding of how operations can provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Explain the concepts, processes and managerial skills needed to manage operations effectively
  • Explain the role of operations and their interaction with the other activities of a firm: marketing, finance, human resources, etc
  • Understand the power of the operations management approach to decision-making when applied to real management problems and be able to effectively interpret the results of consequent analyses
  • Use a range of analytical tools, concepts and techniques required to solve business problems pertaining to the operation of a firm



  • Operations Strategy
  • Product and Process Design for goods and services
  • Process Technology and Information Systems
  • Capacity management and Facility location
  • JIT, Lean production and TQM
  • Demand Forecasting and Process Control
  • Inventory management
  • Logistics
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Resource Planning
  • Job Design and Scheduling
  • Improvement (process & product)